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11/28/2022:  We are back to normal on water usage.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

11/26/2022:  We have experienced a few breaks within the water system the last couple days.  These breaks are happening right at the water plant which affects our storage capacity.  Travis has a temporary fix on the last break; believe that's number four since Wednesday.  Because of the holiday weekend we are unable to get parts or a plumber in until Monday at least.  He does have the pumps going so we have some water and can work on storage.  We ask that you be very frugal with water usage until this is completely repaired.  You have all done an amazing job through this mess and it is greatly appreciated.  The calls and offers of help have been amazing.  Our little town pulls together beautifully whenever it's needed.  Thank you!I will be updating here and on facebook.

Ordinance No 109-revised March 2020.pdf

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       Water/Sewer Ordinance
Important information concerning your Drinking Water:UPDATE:  The Oregon Health Authority has notified the City as of the last quarter of 2018 we are no longer under an Administrative Order as we have satisfied all requirements.  The arsenic testing has been returned to quarterly rather than monthly.  If there are any problems you will be promptly notified.The arsenic plant is up and running.  As per the agreement with the Oregon Health Authority the water is tested monthly for arsenic levels.  The safe level for drinking water is 0.01 mg/L or below. 0.0038 mg/L November 2019

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